Maxx MX200 Mobile Cum Portable Powerbank (Orange Black) @ RS 1899

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Maxx MX200 Mobile Cum Portable Powerbank (Orange Black) @ RS 1899

Post  jigneshdp1493 on Wed Oct 15, 2014 2:29 pm

Maxx MX200 Mobile Cum Portable Powerbank (Orange Black) @ RS 1899

Maxx MX200 Power House Description

Maxx MX200 is introducing power house in form of phone, the phone has powerful battery which you have never seen before.

The highlight of the new Maxx MX200 is the large 5200mAh battery that can be also used as a power bank to charge other mobiles. In addition to the large battery that can deliver up to 10-11 hours of talk time, the MX200 also offers a rugged body.


A 2.4 Inches TFT screen displays all the details on the screen clearly, you can see all your contacts, messages and rest other things on the screen. It provides a good resolution so that you can zoom the screen and can get a more immersive view.


You can do browsing and stay active on social networking websites through your Maxx MX200 Power House as the phone supports GPRS. Sharing of data is possible through USB and Bluetooth.


MX200 is equipped with a digital camera which captures pictures for you. You can save your precious moments for life long with the help of the camera.


Stay entertained always with the exciting entertainment features. The phone has FM Radio, Video Player and Audio Player.

Memory and Battery

Now store all your data like contacts, messages, images, music and lots more in the 32 GB expandable memory. The phone is equipped with a BAT100-5200 mAh Power House battery that gives a longer talktime.


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